What is mean by Google (Accelerated Mobile Pages) AMP for HTML Page

What is Accelerated Mobile Page(AMP)

Amp remains for Accelerated Mobile Page it is an open source venture developed by Google. Its motivation is to accelerate page content is shown to versatile clients. This is an approach to make pages that will give quickly to static substance. At the point when put energetically, AMP comprises of AMP HTML, the AMP JS library, and the Google AMP Cache.

Google Amp are significantly quicker and reactinstantly to client’s inquiries meaning they loadas soon as a connection is tapped by the clients Designed particularly with the dense adaptation of HTML, AMP Pages can stack substantially sooner than some other website page. Quickened versatile pages or (AMP) is an approach to streamline site code and convey quicker and more straightforward site pages through portable.


How Can It Work?

Amp is the open source venture. It helps designers in making quick stacking static site pages. How does google amp functions?

Amp is produced using three noteworthy segments:

  • AMP HTML: Set of html labels made to fit AMP determinations.
  • AMP JS: Library is in charge of stacking every outside asset.
  • AMP CDN: Store a reserved form on google servers.

Favorable circumstances and Disadvantages AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) HTML page.

Favorable circumstances Of AMP Google (Accelerated Mobile Pages):

  • AMP is that your clients will appreciate a site that heaps right away on telephones since its substance is enhanced and served straightforwardly by means of Google’s servers.
  • It enhances your site SEO positioning,
  • The principle benefits are quicker pages, making them additionally eager to tap on the article.
  • Higher change rates ,bring down bob rates, bigger dispersion and being on a typical specialized stage for versatile

Weaknesses Of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages):

  • Usage is fairly unique, which expects designers to learn and build up the site accurately
  • Your servers may see less load, however that is simply because AMP is facilitated by Google.
  • The someone else can slither and list your substance, it could hurt your change rates because of absence of configuration highlights.
  • There are numerous specialized necessities on the off chance that you are not on a typical CMS, it is new and some are concerned it won’t be around until the end of time.

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As of today, there is a huge demand for CMS based websites. Businesses globally are coming forward to take advantage of Content Management System (CMS) for its easy-to-use functionality and managing content pragmatically.

Bangalore Web Guru solutions have worked on a number of varied CMS projects understanding clients need in particular and thereby designing some of the most magnificent CMS Websites. Our area of expertise lies in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and Zen Cart.



The team of CMS developers at Bangalore Web Guru firstly understand clearly as to what the client actually needs from a CMS Website. After that our team develops an in-depth CMS based specifications requirements document detailing all the aspects that goes into building a website, which includes the entire flow as well. Once the client is content with our plan of action, then on our CMS Project gets initiated.

We use some of the best layout designs that suits your particular business, and develop the website methodically, so that the outcome of the CMS website is exactly as desired by our clients.

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* Being straightforward with our customers, telling them about the advance on a nonstop premise.

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Finishing the whole exchange online would mean from one perspective, accepting the installment by means of electronic means i.e. Mastercards, platinum cards, echecks, electronic cash exchanges and so on and then again, additionally making the conveyance online (as in downloadable or computerized merchandise e.g. music records, programming, memberships, web facilitating and so on).

As a rule, e-trade is a blend wherein the client chooses the merchandise or administration and makes the installment on the web. The merchandise or administrations are then physically conveyed to the client’s location. To whole it up in this way, any exchange or exchange that is started online i.e. the web or digital world is e-trade.

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Google Doesn’t Index AJAX Sites Latest Algorithym

No, Virginia, Google Doesn’t Index AJAX Sites

After announcing last October that Google does not recommend the Ajax crawling system they launched in 2009, SEOstrategists and web developer throughout the country are wondering whether or not Google’s search crawlers can effectively pull AJAX content.

What Is AJAX?

AJAX is a way for browsers to pull in new content without refreshing the page or navigating to a new one. It relies on JavaScript to do so.
The content can be as simple as a paragraph of text or as complex as the HTML code for a completely new page.
Traditionally, web developers used it to create Single Page Applications (SPA), using popular frameworks like React and AngularJS. By using AJAX, the website developers are able to create a seamless experience that feels like a dedicated desktop application. Examples are “apps in browser” like Trello, Twitter, Gmail, Evernote’s web version, etc.
In general, the HTML content within a SPA does not load into your browser when you initially land on the site. Developers use AJAX to “talk” with the site’s web server. Based on that information they then use JavaScript to essentially create and render the HTML that is necessary for the page to become accessible and useful to the user.
This is called client-side rendering where the browser and its programs do all the work of creating a page.

The Relationship Between AJAX & SEO

As long as AJAX is used for application-like websites, not meant to be indexed by Google but to be used by users, there is no problem.
But issues arise when SPA-based AJAX is used to deliver traditional “must be indexed by Google” content web sites.
Google has been able to crawl portions of content that use JavaScript for some time. In fact, it is well documented that Google’s search crawlers are able to crawl and recognize metadata, links, and content that’s created with JavaScript.
But unfortunately websites that are built with pure SPA AJAX frameworks are extremely difficult to get indexed.

Google’s Initial Solution

Back in 2009 Google developed a solution for SEO strategists struggling with AJAX by creating a method where the search engine can obtain the pre-rendered version of a page instead of the empty framework page.
Essentially: instead of seeing the JavaScript that eventually will create an HTML page, Google is served a pure HTML version of a page. The end result, so to say.
Systems that help with the server side pre-rendering include prerender.io and brombone.
Since Google has proposed the solution there has been a spike in websites that allow Google to crawl their SPA AJAX content.

Google Deprecates Its Solution

Google announced on October 15, 2015 that they no longer recommend the AJAX crawling scheme they released in 2009.
The proposed solution is now deprecated. When — or if —  Google will sunset the solution is not known.
While for the moment Google does still support their previous solution, they simply no longer recommend that developers and designers use this specific approach for new sites.
This announcement has led to the question of:

“Is Google Now Able To Completely Crawl AJAX?”

The key is in the word “completely” and the short answer is: no.
Experience shows that websites that use a SPA framework or otherwise rely heavily on AJAX to render their page often find only a few, partially indexed, pages of theirs in Google’s cache. The larger the website, the more pages will be missing.
For sites like this, HTML snapshots (server-side pre-rendering) remain the most effective way to get their content into Google.
In general, content delivered to the browser in the first page load is what Google renders, sees, and indexes: content pulled in dynamically into the page at a later point is not seen.

Google’s New Advice On Using AJAX

In the same announcement Google states that they are “generally able to render and understand your web pages like modern browsers.”
But their choice of words, “generally able to”, has left many industry strategists concerned.
And in fact, Google continues to recommend sites use progressive enhancement where the base experience of the site can be seen by any pure HTML browser, theirs included:
“we recommend following the principles of progressive enhancement”
— Google Webmaster Central Blog, Oct. 2015
“Use feature detection & progressive enhancement techniques to make your content available to all users”
— John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst @ Google, 2016

What You Can Do With This Information

There are a number of tactics web developers and SEOs can utilize in order to ensure that their landing pages are able to be crawled, indexed, and accessible to qualified organic users.
These tactics include:

1. Pre-rendering HTML Snapshots

Although Google no longer recommends using this particular tactic, they are still supporting it, which is important to know.
This particular system works well, although developing the code that allows you to pre-render and serve up each snapshot can be tedious and difficult if you aren’t experienced creating this.
If you are not well equipped to handle this task, try looking around for vendors that are designed to accommodate these requests.

2. Progressive Enhancement

Start with the basic HTML web page experience that anyone will be able to see and use.
Then, using a technique called feature detection, add enhanced capabilities to the page; layering them “on top” of the traditional, all-round HTML code.
This is the Google recommended way to go.

3. Graceful Degradation

The inverse of progressive enhancement. Start with the higher level, enhanced capabilities that humans with modern browsers will experience. Then, work your way back to delivering a more basic but still usable version for feature limited browsers such as search engine crawlers.

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These days, sites are all over the place. The majority of them go unnoticed and get lost. Webguru makes certain your site is spellbinding, easy to use and above all, aides in accomplishing your business objectives. Here are the favorable circumstances Webguru gives.


It takes a lot of experimentation to become famous in the outlining and programming improvement industry and it’s our experience that took us here. Being a seaward web improvement organization in India, we comprehend our customers shifting tastes, objectives and dreams. This gives us a knowledge of the business practices and we apply our well deserved ability in furnishing you with winning web outlining and advancement arrangements.
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No two sites are the same. They vary in reason, capacity and business goals. Menora comprehends that and subsequently gives redid web planning and advancement benefits all at moderate costs. Firstly, we concentrate on comprehension your necessities and after that work on giving site arrangements suited to your requirements.
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With innumerable sites swarming the web, a site has minor seconds to catch the viewer’s consideration. Our plans do only that. Our web outlining specialists make sites that wow guests with their creative configuration. Our stylishly appealing sites with the assistance of client driven messages change over programs on your site to clients.
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As an offshore Website development company in Bangalore, we give you the complete package. We set up websites for various industries and as also a web development company in India, our designs touches businesses all around the world. The services we provide are

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Affordable Responsive Web Design company in India

We live in a time where sites are no more constrained to the level screens of the desktops. With versatile clients becoming quickly, cell phones and tablets have turned into a well known stage for the sites. At the point when such sites are seen in these compact gadgets, it requires a great deal of thumb workout of zooming in, zooming out, looking over and seeking along the lengths and breadths of the screen size to peruse the data. This outcomes in a totally non-easy to understand experience which prompts numerous missed open doors for the organizations. The arrangement – Responsive web plan.

Responsive Web Design is a gadget autonomous UI innovation where the format of the site changes naturally in the client’s gadget or PC screen size. This liquid framework site permits you to showcase your site on littler screen sizes without trading off on your substance and media.

Achieve bigger gathering of people. Interface with clients on cell phones, tablets, desktops and note pads, all with only one website.Users can see the site whenever and from any gadget, enhancing client experience and comfort. No different site for portable clients. Keep up and advertise one and only site rather than two. A responsive site results in better web movement and SEO results. Also, it’s prescribed by Google.

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Professional Website Design and SEO Services

Professional Website Design and SEO Services

At Bangalore Webguru, we’ve been outlining answers for complex issues for over 10 years. Initially established by Jon our Creative Director in 2008 as an outlet for his independent configuration benefits, our group rapidly became out of need into a power to be figured with, and we’ve never thought back. We’ve conveyed many computerized plan ventures from idea to fulfillment over the previous decade, so with regards to the web, you can wager we’ve seen it, heard it, and done most every last bit of it. Dissimilar to other supposed “configuration offices,” we’re not a one-man outfit working out of a room; we’re a little, prepare arranged group of in-house masters.Bangalore Web Design Companies

Web Design & Development


Bangalore Webguruis a group of inventive, skilled and shockingly attractive people spend significant time in responsive site outline. We’re a community oriented gathering with an uncommon scope of abilities for each undertaking. With our streamlined outline handle, your site will showcase your business, items and administrations, be simple and instinctive to utilize, and increment online indexed lists. Since we work with you in organization, your online nearness will be genuine and persisting, which gives your imminent clients a critical ordeal. We assemble drawing in destinations that best mirror your business and welcome your clients.
Website Development Bangalore
SEO Services – Search Engine Optimization


SEO (website streamlining) is a very discussed theme with regards to pursuit advertising. Some say that SEO is dead, some say it’s a matter of math, and most by far of SEO organizations, little organizations, and people have an unfortunate mix-up of what SEO administrations are is and how they function. The most serious issue may come down to a typical issue with human instinct: tolerance. Fruitful development in the SERPs (web crawler rank positions) is around a long-consistent exertion towards enhancing the nature of your website, not a mysterious switch you can flip to abruptly rank #1. But then, most website streamlining organizations attempt and persuade their planned customers that the last is conceivable.

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