Web Design and Development Services in Bangalore

ur main goal at Bangalore Webguru is to provide the best solutions for your website development and website maintenance needs. We know how important your business is and we want to ensure we meet your every requirement and expectation when fixing or constructing your web page. With so many companies out there, choosing one to handle your web design can be a very overwhelming and daunting task. We want to make you feel confident in our ability to provide you the best website design possible.

http://www.bangalorewebguru.co.in/When choosing a web design company, you want to consider your needs and long-term goals. The down side with using freelancers is their instability. After your site is completed, many freelancers are hard to get in contact with for further assistance. On the other hand, Bangalore Webguru  is dedicated to getting the job done and making sure it’s done right!

Our Website Design & Development Process

Once Bangalore Webguru has received your deposit, the development of your website will be assigned to a project manager. You will be in constant contact with this person during the entire process to ensure our work is meeting your specifications.

 http://www.bangalorewebguru.co.in/Our web design experts will provide creative suggestions your website and you can decide exactly how you want it to look. Once you have given a final approval on the design of your new site, the project manager will then pass it along to our wonderful Bangalore Webguru of developers. They will take the mockup/design and create a live and functioning site. You will then get the opportunity to review the website and inform us of any changes you would like us to make. Once we have made the necessary revisions, we will start taking care of all the minor details and content implementation.

Once all the revisions are complete and we receive the final payment, your site will go live within 24 to 48 hours. You will receive all of the information needed to access the administrative area of your website and a zip folder containing all of the files created. We will then have no rights to the website and you will officially own it, along with all of its content.

We are capable of handling projects of any size, from small local businesses to large enterprises. So if you’re interested in creating a new website or need maintenance on an existing website, please contact our expert Bangalore Webguru developers located in Bangalore. Call us at 8296446686 to receive a quote for your web design needs!

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

At Bangalore Webguru, our SEO experts located in Bangalore will utilize proven techniques to increase your search engine rankings and boost your sales. To accomplish this, we conduct an in-depth SEO analysis of your website so we can see what areas of the webpage need improvement. We will then do keyword research to see which keywords will work the best for your business and lead to more web traffic. From this research, our writers can create SEO-friendly content for your site that increases your relevancy with search engines and engages your potential customers.  If you want your Search Engine Optimization done the right way, contact our Bangalore Webguru experts at 8296446686 and we’ll come up with strategy for your business to outrank your competitors!



Magento Development

Bangalore Webguru provides professional solutions in developing stores with Magento, the market’s most rapidly evolving platform for your success.

No matter if your project is a big-sized or tiny one – we are here to listen, plan, develop and deliver the best results in no time.

Custom Magento Development

We know what you need. And we are skilled enough to realize the most sophisticated ideas that you can ever imagine. Just share them with us, lay back and watch your project come to life.

Bangalore Webguru Magento Themes

Neat, clean and highly customizable themes created by our professionals will inspire your customers and make them feel comfortable while making a purchase. Bangalore Webguru themes are crafted using responsive technologies to suite multiple screen resolutions. They are the powerful solution for desktops, mobile devices and tablets. If you want to make your store look fresh – our themes is your right choice.

Bangalore Webguru Magento Maintenance Services

If you are looking for a quick fix or improvement – you are at the right place. Our team of dedicated support offers great website maintenance and web development service on both”pay as you go” and monthly basis. We work with customers to ensure that their Magento websites provide a real and measurable return on investment.

Bangalore Webguru Magento Extensions

Our Magento Extensions are of various purposes made to advantage a wide range of store owners. All of them have been thoroughly developed and tested. Using only the best practices and advanced hi-tech methods of code writing we create the quality products for your convenience. Use them safely to increase your customers’ satisfaction and improve your sales, of course! Check them out and find the right ones for your business today.

Bangalore Webguru Magento Solutions

We at Bangalore Webguru are very proud of our high quality Magento solutions for a successful eCommerce websites. These products are the ones any respective online shop should definitely use because they provide vast amount of unique features which will boost your sales. They are also easy to configure and use. We guarantee that you will notice the difference.

Custom E commerce Development Solutions in Bangalore

When it seeks genuine managing of business, we can reliably guarantee you a site that fulfills your want. We concentrate on custom web compositions that cheer your image voice. Our experts enroll new vision and unmatched abilities to make something that value each penny you pay. Considering the contemporary requests, we supplied with energetic flawlessness, giving credible site that capacities on every one of the stages utilized by clients. We have aced in CSS3 and others devices to outline hello there tech responsive Website.

A responsive website Design is indispensable to go before viable SEO crusade, and we do mind all these sort of stuffs. In this way, there is our profound far reaching system to make a responsive and compelling site that made and made for astounding web nearness. We have handpicked all fundamental help and place them in our administrations list. We give moderate administration on your value extend. In the event that you have a fantasy for a fruitful site, at that point let us make this conceivable. You should simply put your arrangement before us and with our advancement and abilities, we will influence it to genuine.

Did you realize that an appropriately fabricated eCommerce site can really enable you to showcase your items on the web? We comprehend that a perfect eCommerce site accomplishes something other than demonstrate your items and give customers an approach to buy them on the web.

web based business site design_Bangalore Webguru offer premium web composition administrations for eCommerce online store sites. Our destinations are intended to pull in new clients, convey a delightful shopping knowledge and streamline the in the background administration of your online store.

Some of the features of our eCommerce system include:

  • Complete product catalogs
  • Easy, secure checkout integration
  • Merchant account integration
  • Secure payment processing (SSL installation) and hacker proofing
  • Editable shipping and tax settings
  • Inventory tracking
  • Interactive, real-time reporting
  • The ability to apply discounts and coupon codes
  • Product reviews
  • Product media management (product videos, PDF instruction manuals and more)
  • Built-in SEO for all pages (including products!)
  • Wholesale eCommerce capabilities

Our simple to-utilize eCommerce stage is an exquisite establishment for your eCommerce web architecture technique. Sites controlled by efelle’s demonstrated eCommerce foundation are propelled speedier than industry standard while our eCommerce-devoted web Design drives higher natural indexed lists (SEO), more prominent change rates and best execution. To sweeten the arrangement much more, our frameworks are adaptable and completely versatile—you’ll never exceed your eCommerce site.

When you discuss responsive website Design, it implies building a site page that changes what it would seem that by utilization of CSS3 media questions. This implies a solitary HTML code is utilized regardless of the contraption getting to it, with the introduction changing utilizing CSS3 media inquiries, indicating the tenets that will apply to the program that is showing the page. With responsive website architecture, the server will dependably send a comparative HTML code towards all gadgets with CSS being utilized to change how the page is rendered on the contraption.

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Open Source CMS Development Services in Bangalore

Content Management System Solutions:

A good CMS development offers an intuitive interface for users that is easy-to-use and convenient. This interface may be handled without even having any technical assistance. Web content management services allow users to design a personalized front-end enabling them to offer a unique, user-friendly ‘look and feel’ to the website.

Bangalore Webguru is a renowned CMS development company in Bangalore,India that provides its web-based services across the nation and worldwide. With over a decade of standing in this industry, the company has managed to understand the in and outs of the web development services; thereby, it is up here to provide the best CMS framework development solutions to its clients in the most tailored manner possible.

Acquirements in CMS Development Services

Being a CMS development company, we at Bangalore Webguru have developed various types of content management system that have proved suitable for various enterprises working on distinctive platforms including:

 Open CMS
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • WordPress

Our expertises aren’t just limited to the above described:

  • We develop web pages through customized page builder using Jquery.
  • We build personalized Ajax based web solutions that are user-friendly and easily manageable.
  • We ensure that our developed system proves profitable for your business in a possible manner. We deliver services after conducting all types of balances and checks that are to be meant in place.

Benefits of Web Content Management Services

CMS or content management system solutions allow a wide array of industries to control and deploy many platforms and content systematically, which includes features such as content authorization, workflow approvals, and content edits. There are many other advantages that you can enjoy while managing your website content:

  • You need not limit yourself to content when using our custom CMS development services; the platform offers unlimited access to the number of pages and space for content, files, documents and multimedia.
  • You can avail the benefit of controlling your website and its related content all by yourself. Once your project is live, you will not require any further technical support. You will be able to self-control your online business.
  • The system offers daily updates, which avoids the hassles that you may have to incur due to viruses, system hacks, and site bugs. It offers high-end security to your website at all levels and at all times.

Contact Us

We are always ready to serve you in the most relevant manner possible. At Bangalore Webguru, we offer round-the-clock customer services, which also include technical support for custom CMS development. This is to ensure 100% client satisfaction at all times. Please leave us a message or chat with us for more information on our CMS development services.

Web Designing Company Bangalore | Website Designing Company Bangalore | Website Design Company Bangalore.

Professional Magento Development Company in Bangalore

Across our certified Magento development team we have a breadth of skill, experience and the processes required to build your site the right way.

Bangalore Webguru development methodology is driven by retail focused decisions, right from the beginning, combining business insight, creativity and technical expertise. Using an online agile management approach allows us to carefully manage development progress and provides you with the visibility you need.

Our Magento developers actively maintain a core Magento code base, which forms the foundations for our site deployments. This allows for more cost effective deployment of proven (in the real world) core functionality and streamlines support and minimises bugs.

Bangalore Webguru isolated Magento checkout has evolved over the years through continuous testing and improvement, all of our customers now benefit from lower cart abandonment rates over both default Magento and one step checkout.

There are some great add ons to Magento out there and we’ll help you find them. Working with trusted partners in the Magento ecosystem and using a core set of proven extensions, our R&D allows us to understand the benefits and limitations of each solution.

After internal QA and user acceptance testing, full documentation is produced for custom features, we use this during client and internal trainfisheying, so we can seamlessly transfer knowledge of your site to our support team.

WebWorks is our standard office hours service for clients who require a formal arrangement to fulfil their web support and maintenance needs; ensuring that your online web investment is protected and that your web site(s) evolve to meet existing and future customer demands.

Whether you operate a simple single page website or a much complex site incorporating a number of business features such as e-commerce, content management system (CMS), blog, newsletter, etc., Bangalore Webguru is able to assist and support you. Take advantage of Web Works to formalise your website maintenance arrangement with us so that we can ensure that your business gets the best service we have to offer.

Our Web  Works service helps business owners maximize the potential of their online investment, helping them to make decisions concerning the effectiveness and future direction of their web presence. Together we are able to help our clients build, progress and achieve their Internet objectives.

Online Shopping Cart Web Design and Development

By working closely with our clients, and providing measurable business results, we’ve grown to become one of the most well respected agencies in Manchester, providing bespoke solutions to hundreds of clients across the country.

We’ve carefully researched our target market, just as we will with yours, and this is why we’re sure we can offer a holistic approach to your business’ website requirements. We know your markets, just as well as we know our own.

Delivering a quality bespoke website design, or a content management system doesn’t mean that we have to go on about how creative we are, we’ll let you look at our portfolio for that. We know that what YOU want is someone who understands what you need and delivers it, working towards the same targets for your website as you are.


 Our customers come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve delivered simple brochure websites for sole traders, right through to tailor made eCommerce solutions, processing thousands of transactions for large corporate clients. Our unique approach means we have the ability to tailor your website to the size of your business.

Experience and efficiency are two of the most important words we use when designing your business website, whether it’s CMS or eCommerce. For this reason we don’t waste time with awkward open-source platforms. Every website we build and every feature we enable (such as special offers, shipping calculations or voucher codes) are tailor made for your unique business needs, allowing you to really offer your customers the most efficient user experience – an experience that will make them happy to visit again.

If you want a website that offers all this and more, why not give us a call on 080-41644089 and see what Bangalore Webguru web design can offer for your unique needs.

Some of the website’s we’ve created include:

  •     Content Managed Websites
  •     Brochure Websites
  •     Ecommerce websites
  •     Mobile responsive Websites
  •     Bespoke Solutions
  •     Complete Business Solutions

Creating Affordable, User-friendly eCommerce websites that make it easier to sell:

More and more people are turning to the Internet to do their shopping, and therefore any retail business worth it’s salt should have an eCommerce website that their customers will love to use. A well-designed, fast, user-friendly eCommerce website can help to ensure your business succeeds online and here at Bangalore Webguru we have years of experience in creating just that.


 The Internet is all about speed and convenience, and a slow, badly managed eCommerce platform that cannot cope with business growth is highly likely to see customers looking for an alternative that is just one click away. This is something that many online businesses worry about, however, at Bangalore Webguru we build for growth and we can ensure that your business website can cope with an influx of new business.

A user-friendly eCommerce website for both you and your customers:

We know how quickly things can change within eCommerce, and you’re going to want to update your stock, add new stock, provide special offers and discontinue other items. We also know you won’t want to have to read a manual to find out how to do that. We offer a back end system that is easy and quick to administrate, and provide you technical support to help you out when you need us.

One of the biggest issues with selling online is security, and Bangalore webguru has it covered here too. We use secure gateways for our payment systems, with the highest level of built-in security including 256-bit encryption and SSL certificates, ensuring that payment details remain totally secure, all the way from your customer’s PC to your business bank account.

If you’d like an eCommerce website that you and your clients will love, contact Bangalore webguru Web Design today on 080-41644089.

Best Ecommerce Website Development and Design Company in India

At Bangalore Webguru Creative, we enjoy watching your business flourish whether it’s a new start-up on an international brand. As a boutique agency, we provide a personal and bespoke service for each and every client, offering stylish web design and branding solutions.

We are a web design Company who offer professional website design, which is not only beautiful and effective but will improve your online presence and make a great impression to your potential clients. We know that finding the right web design studio can be a daunting task so we aim to work closely with you throughout the process to ensure you get the results you expect.


Ecommerce websites are dynamic website based shops which have the functionality to process financial transactions. However, unlike physical shops, your website based shop will not give you the time or opportunity to convert a reluctant consumer into a converted consumer. Therefore, your Ecommerce website design should have a professional and elegant look with ease-of-use


The Important things to note when developing an E-commerce website are:

  • An eye catching Ecommerce website design reflects directly on your organisation and products. It instils confidence with your customers to buy your products or services
  • The website text is your marketing mouth piece so this should be obvious, benefits-focused and persuasive, enticing your customer to buy your products
  • Creating a clear buying process is very important in an ecommerce website. Create a clear path from your home page to purchasing any of your products or services.
  • Make all website links and buttons such as the “Buy now” button prominent enough that it compels a buyer to click on it.
  • Identify the shortest possible purchasing process for your consumer. A Shorter process, means less clicks and a quicker completed transaction.
  • Provide live customer service to your customers by adding online chat options in your website along with the conventional telephone options.
  • Ensure that the purchasing process is secure and this is clear to your customers via integration of an ssl certificate which is vital for protecting your customer’s information. If customers feel insecure during the purchasing process they will not complete their shopping leading to a reduction in sales

Work closely with an Ecommerce website design company to reflect your company’s current branding and marketing strategies within the website


Static website design, Dynamic website design, Responsive websites design, E-Commerce website design and Interactive Website Design which are tailored to meet your companies requrements

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