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Hope your search on determine the best SEO company in Bangalore.There are a lot of SEO organizations in bangalore, yet Bangalore Web Guru dependably emerge of the group with our one of a kind procedures. Nowadays, it is exceptionally hard to locate a privilege search engine optimization company in bangalore. This is because of, Companies who don’t have any aptitude began offering website design enhancement benefits in bangalore as there is appeal. At that point, Consultants, Individuals and Freelancers complete an online course in SEO and call themself as specialists. Website design enhancement isn’t an advanced science yet SEO calculation is changing all the time. A site can not be positioned in first page of Google with customary SEO methods. Search engine optimization calculation is totally changed from how it was before. Today, SEO is about client encounter. At the point when a client is attempting to achieve your site, there are sure measurements disclose to you whether your site is easy to use or not. Some of them are how long time your site takes to stack the substance? regardless of whether your site is perfect for various gadgets like PC, portable, tablet and so forth? does your site has simple route? howmuch time clients remain on your site? do they explore to internal pages or drop off from your site in the primary page itself? is your substance significant to clients on what setting they look? and that’s just the beginning. First page positioning in Google is certainly conceivable if your site has great client encounter.

Our Services:

  • SEO-Search Engine Optimization
  • SMM-Social Media Marketing
  • SEM-Search Engine Marketing
  • Lead Based Marketing
  • Local SEO Marketing
  • SEO Brand Management
  • ORM-Online Reputation Management

SEO-Search Engine Optimization

Bangalore Web Guru drives online success through search engine optimization to increase search engine traffic and leads. Almost everyone focuses on SEO techniques that favor Google,Search engine optimization is the optimization of a website in order to reach higher positions for your website for your desired keywords.We offer quality optimization including key words research in order to get your site to the top. By optimizing your websites content structure along with off-site optimization we can gain you better results.

Our SEO Services:

  • Pay per click Marketing
  • Mobile SEO Services
  • Social Media Promotion
  • SEO friendly web design
  • Rank recovery Services

SMM-Social Media Marketing

we have an end-to-end knowledge of how to use it to achieve your objectives and how it integrates with other channels.Whether you’re looking to build brand awareness, send quality website traffic, generate leads or drive sales, we tailor our process to meet your needs. Firstly, we run an audit to determine your social landscape. We will look at your competitor’s activity – what’s working for them? Where do the opportunities lie? – alongside profiling your audience and determining how they behave.

This is used to develop our strategy. Posting on social media is a fairly easy task, but doing it well involves careful thought. We determine the optimal way to reach your audience including the what, when and where, so your fan base grows, engages and converts.


Social Media Marketing is the promotion of your products or services via things like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ (pronounced Google Plus) to improve your online presence.At our Bangalore Web Guru,we have experience in all businesses can benefit from Social Media Marketing, but there is not just one model for each business to follow. The nature of social media means that each industry, each business type has to engage differently.

SEM-Search Engine Marketing

Now a days, there are many search engine marketing tactics that can be used to drive people to your website.When we talk about search engine marketing, we mean the use of paid advertising – just as you might by an advert in a magazine or trade publication. The difference is, that visit many of the people who see your traditional advert may have no interest in what you are selling at that time, Internet advertising can be targeted to those people who are actively looking to buy. Search engine marketing takes many forms, including buying advertising space on other websites, and using Pay-Per-Click advertising on Google (Google Adwords) and other major search engines.

Bangalore Web Guru is an experienced SEO company and by using our expertise, professional SEO knowledge as well as listening to what you want to achieve we can help with increasing the profile of your website by helping it to be more visible.

Lead Based Marketing

Bangalore Web Guru specializes in one core aspect of search engine marketing helping you achieve maximum rankings in search engines through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). we provide the Lead Based Marketing for your business. If you want to generate more leads for your online business,We offer lead-based PPC & SEO Services.

Let us assess your market, your products, customers and prospects and work with you to create bespoke campaigns that generate response and open new doors while maximizing your budget.

Local SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is a long term strategy to maximize the amount of people who find your website while searching for your product or service offering. Search engine optimization has been more focused towards the global market. But today’s search engines are constantly evolving and determined to make searches more relevant to the customer. Hence local search marketing has grown to become a possible, effective in the overall search engine marketing sector.

Local SEO results differ from regular search engine results. If you do a search for – SEO Services Company on Google Maps, Yahoo! Local, and Bing Local now each have a unique ranking algorithm that considers additional variables not used when generating traditional search results. For example, when you look at most geo-targeted queries in Google, you now see local results almost always listed first.

SEO Brand Management

At Bangalore Web Guru, Our SEO copywriters are not only well versed in search engine optimization and social media optimization, but also highly skilled writers with a background in sales and marketing.

SEO copywriting requires a unique style. It must be more conversational with shorter sentences. A punchier style which engages the reader.

Our SEO copywriting features include:

  • Engage Search Engines and Visitors
  • 100% Unique Copy
  • Keyword Rich and Dense
  • Smooth Transition
  • Sufficiently Researched Information

ORM-Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management services at Bangalore Web Guru, are designed to go into the world of social media, find mentions of your brand and protect against negative brand associations.

Reputation Management Services:

  • Promote Positive Results
  • Business Review Management and Posting
  • Dilute Down Negative Results
  • Monitor and Manage Reputation
  • Online Reputation Monitoring
  • 24/7 tracking of your name, your business
  • Tracking of your Social media.


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