Web Development Service in Bangalore

Web development is about more than just the CMS, it’s a collaborative effort between many departments within Bangalore webguru.

Once the design concepts (look and feel) for your website are complete, the development team is responsible for a number of ‘behind the scenes’ tasks, including: creating and managing domains, factoring in SEO, integrating existing systems, creating a customized content management system, programming and even security.

What we can do

  •     Web application & online software
  •     World class websites
  •     Content Management Systems (CMS)
  •     Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM)
  •     Product management software
  •     eCommerce and payment gateways
  •     Intranets
  •     Online surveys
  •     Document Management Systems

Content Management System (CMS)

Browsers compatibility The CMS is a user-friendly platform that allows you to quickly and easily manage your website content. This includes text, images and PDF downloads. It allows you access anywhere, anytime for multiple users. Support for all browsers i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox on both PC and Mac is included.

The CMS can be modified down the track to include extra functionality for your website design, for example an e Newsletter package.

Custom CRM systems

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps you manage your daily interactions with current and prospective clients. It’s the technology which allows different departments (sales, customer service, management, accounts) within your company to store information about a particular client all in one convenient and easily accessible location.

At Bangalore Webguru we can create a custom-designed CRM system which will enable you to streamline and automate your business processes to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. The CRM can be accessed through your CMS and reporting functionality comes standard.

Design Unique to Your Business and Customers

Unique website design It’s time to be recognized by your customers and become the envy of your competitors with a cutting-edge website design. No two web designs will ever be the same as there are no templates found here. Our approach to creating an engaging website experience is simple to follow and effective.

Engaging Customer Experiences

User engagement Creating an engaging user experience is achieved through the combined efforts of detailed planning and smart design. The result is an experience that attracts and holds your visitor’s attention long enough for them to follow your calls-to-action and take the next step. There are many factors which impact on user engagement including the layout, ease of navigation, presentation of content, social validation and accessibility.

We highly recommend responsive designs to ensure you offer an engaging experience for webpage visitors and to eliminate bounce rates related to mobile devices.


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