B2B Ecommerce Portal Development Services Company Bangalore

Bangalorewebguru provides the B2B businesses with all the essential features that meets the demands of an enterprise-class B2B e-commerce. E-commerce is integrated at the back-end operational systems which includes even the order management, ERP and CRM. Our B2B e-commerce solution supports manufacturers, distributors, web stores, physical stores, in-house sales, and partners. It opens avenue for new revenue, attract new customers, and grow the business to a greater extent.


Magento Multi-Vendor Setup

Multi-Vendor Magento Site Creation is basically use for business to business, in between business and business provider there will be having the tie up on that they will do business and finally reach to the consumer or customer.

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Business to business covers a broad spectrum of application that enables an enterprise or business to form electronic relationship with their distributors, re-sellers, suppliers and other partners.

  • Cost reduction through long-term customer loyalty
  • Compare products and get the least pricing
  • Higher transaction value through business purchases
  • Advanced filter options for sellers and order status updates for customer
  • The personal and yet serious design of B2B Shops
  • Clear structure and collaborative shopping
  • The opportunity to expand
  • Increased brand awareness through an additional channel
  • Expose your brand to wider audience by capitalizing on social media
  • Simplify user entries and enrollments
  • Set national and international shipping costs for each product


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Bangalore Web Guru is one of the Award Winning Website Design Development Company In Bangalore , From Past 10+ year we are a best Web Design Agency in Bangalore . There are lists of Bangalore Website Design, Development companies in Bangalore, but we are the Best Among them. We are ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company in Bangalore. We have 50+ Professionals with Huge Experience employees. We are the top Web Development Company Bangalore among all the Companies.

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Our Web Services :

  • Domain & Hosting Services
  • Web & Graphic Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Corporate Web Design & Development
  • Professional Website Design & Development
  • Static Website Design & Development
  • Dynamic Website Design & Development
  • Responsive Website Design & Development
  • Online Reputation Management
  • E-Commerce Website Design & Development
  • CMS Website Design & Development
  • Mobile Website Design
  • Website Redesigning Services
  • WordPress Website Development
  • Magento Website Development
  • Joomla Website Development
  • PHP Website Development
  • SEO & Social Media Services
  • Digital Marketing Services

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Tips for a Strong Social and Community Team

Every company needs to be concerned about how they appear on social media channels. It isn’t just enough to have a presence — you need to have a complete strategy for brand awareness, a team that understands how to represent your company, and plans in place to avoid disasters.

So let’s look at three quick things your company needs to do to have a strong social media and community team.


Establish Company Values That ALL Employees Abide By


Company values are really the basis for everything that happens in a company. Just a few things these values will determine — who is hired, how employees are treated, how customers are treated, how teams will work together, and how employees are expected to behave at all times. Every decision by every employee should be impacted by the values of your brand.

“Why does this matter? Why should I bother?”

I am asked this often and I will sum it up for you with two words: brand continuity. You want all customers treated the same no matter how they reach out to you.

Let’s say a business has a killer social media customer service team. They are consistently helpful and their attitudes are outstanding. But what if a customer decides to call the company instead and gets someone on the phone that isn’t kind, isn’t helpful, and they offend the customer? What happens then?

The customer goes online and leaves bad reviews about the company. Or, the customer reaches out on social media and the social team has to try and fix the problem (which can cause turmoil between departments). The customer may even record the conversation and post it on YouTube (it happens). The customer could write articles, do a review video, call the news…you are looking at an online reputation management problem you don’t want.

This could all be avoided by setting the values you want to be reflected by every employee ahead of time. Remember, setting expectations and establishing values ensures consistency for the long-term. No matter how much time passes or how much employee turnover occurs, you want to always be a good company to work with.


Hire Based on Company Values

Whoever you hire has to be okay with the company values or they can’t represent your brand well. In today’s world, values are divided so choose carefully. Research people well and create challenging interviews.

When researching employee candidates, my recommendation is to go beyond scanning their social networks to see if they are an appropriate fit. Dig deep into conversations they have online. Don’t just look at tweets, look at the “tweets and replies.” How do they act when they think not everyone can see their comments?

Find the date when they left their last job and use it in Twitter advanced search to see how they talked about the company they left. Check Facebook conversations with friends (I check their recent friend pics and review conversations). Drunken pics don’t matter; what matters is their behavior overall.

When interviewing, give them mock scenarios and ask them to explain why certain things may be offensive, like the following social shares. If they can’t tell you what is wrong with them they might not be a good fit for your company.


You MUST Have Disaster Protocols in Place

No one expects a disaster, but they do happen. Sites are hacked, servers go down, high-level employees get arrested and end up on the news…things happen!

If you are prepared and have strategies in place for things that could go wrong, your social team will be able to handle the situation much better when it arises. Your social team is nothing less than your brand guardians; they protect you. So provide them with everything they need to do so.

Break down what needs to happen in different situations — what do you want said, what departments do you want them to contact, do you want it documented, etc. Here are good protocol starting points:

  • Crisis Management
  • Complaints
  • Trolls
  • User error
  • Support / Help / Questions / Requests / Suggestions
  • Billing issues
  • Website issues
  • Avoiding sharing from personal accounts


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Strategies for Improving SEO in 2017

The best methods for performing Search Engine Optimization are evolving continually. Website improvement is the way to the accomplishment of any business as it keeps your business available effectively to the right hunts. Subsequently, associations are more than caution to find and from that point, adjust to the most recent guidelines nearly the exact instant the web crawler alters them. Organizations have invited 2017 by looking into every one of the progressions or patterns they could envision from web indexes. Here are methods for enhancing your SEO in 2017 according to specialists who are knowledgeable about taking care of all these unendingly developing SEO methodologies and calculations. Here are some powerful systems for improving your SEO in 2017.


First of All, Switching to HTTP/2

Google concentrates mostly on page speed. In the event that you wish to be fruitful in Search Engine Optimization, you have to have a sound learning and comprehension of the way page speed is affected by systems administration. You should change to HTTP/2 from HTTP/1. This is without a doubt a gigantic takeoff from the prior one and would be in charge of an extraordinary change in page speed.

Must Target Fewer Keyword Derivations

In the year 2017 watchword inquire about, and also, focusing on would be keeping on evolving drastically. RankBrain is slowly beginning to impact the pursuit rankings. In addition, it has as of now been powerful in grasping acronyms, shortenings, plurals, equivalent words, and even the appropriate responses. On the off chance that you are searching for SEO achievement, it is fundamental to approach focusing on generally less watchword inductions. Those advertisers who are really, recognizing this reality would move forward of the rest in a genuinely alert and focused scene.

Do Not Deviate from the Basics

You have to take after customer conduct and quit contemplating the calculations. In the event that you know about the most recent patterns, you would realize that there has been a noteworthy move from cumbersome content to pictures and short recordings. You should give the customer precisely what they are searching for and permit the web search tools to go ahead with their occupation. Contract the administrations of a dependable mass mailer Mumbai for SEO achievement.

Focus On User Experience

With the appearance of machine learning and RankBrain, web indexes have turned out to be certainly more brilliant than before in understanding what is in charge of a decent item. The past watchword positioning variables, obviously, still exist. Notwithstanding, both SEO and User Experience or UX should be coordinated in light of the fact that today web crawlers are compensating sites that are conveying speedier load times and a magnificent client encounter. In the years to come extraordinary UX would without a doubt be given more significance than watchword streamlining.

Enhance Your Site Loading Speed and Restrict Errors

Site speed would assume a urgent part in SEO in 2017 however in some extraordinary courses than prior. Changing to https://, creating sites in AMP and such specialized adjustments and modifications may bring about server side issues, for example, 404s, excessively bounteous diverts, or even stranded pages that would back off the general site speed and would, slaughter ease of use. Your highest concern is ensure that your site is working 100% even after such adjustments and changes.

Mobile First Indexing Is a Must, Better Switch to It

Since November 2016, Google has begun utilizing versatile first ordering for all inquiry rankings. So SEO systems would move to cell phones. Versatile pursuit purpose and portable UX would turn out to be more vital.


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Multi Vendor Marketplace Website Development Services Bangalore

Multi-Vendor E-commerce market place Website design and development is basically use B2B and B2C combination. Website owner will be tie up with multiple vendors. Vendors will display their product and services. It’s working on commission base model. They will do business and finally reach to the consumer or customer.

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Ecommerce website, it is frequently vital, with a specific end goal to kick off your movement, additionally to look after it, to contribute already an awesome aggregate of cash in stock, as to make an extensive offering for the customers. Commercial centers offer the upside of giving their dealers a chance to handle their stock all alone, which can impressively lessen your underlying venture. In this way, Marketplaces will for the most part have the capacity to file more items, as it assembles them from numerous merchants, without imperiling its funds. The expense of dispatching a commercial center site is generally the same as a quality Ecommerce website, in spite of being a great deal more mind boggling.


Our Services  : 

* E-Commerce Website Design & Development

* Responsive Website Design & Development

* CMS Website Design & Development

* Mobile Website Design

* Website Redesigning Services

* WordPress Website Development

* Magento Website Development

* Joomla Website Development

* PHP Website Development

* SEO & Social Media Services

* Digital Marketing Services

* Web & Graphic Design

* Website Design & Development

* Corporate Web Design & Development

Risk free business model :

As a Marketplace doesn’t purchase any items, it goes for broke than customary E-Commerce sites that needs to continually put resources into stock that may never offer. That way, Marketplaces accomplish economies of scale all the more effectively, and consequently permits them to extend speedier than E-business sites. On the off chance that activity develops quick, it might be important to all the more aggressively look for new merchants to take care of the demand, yet you won’t have to stress over spending extensive totals of cash into new stock or putting away offices.

Essentially earning income from the commissions it deducts from deals, Marketplaces need to offer more noteworthy volumes of items than E-trade sites do, as its edges for every deal are lower. All things considered, it needs to manage significantly more exchanges, which is the reason it is basic to weight on the robotization of its frameworks however much as could reasonably be expected.


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Proof That On-Page SEO Is More Important Than Ever

The SEO gods have a good sense of humor.

Back when Google and other search engines first were created, there wasn’t much to SEO. You just needed to have the right keywords in the right places and you could show up at the top of the search results.

In fact it was so bad that website owners were spamming their pages with phrases like Brittany Spears all over the content and meta tags to steal traffic.

Well as you know the search engines grew up quickly and things like link building became much more important.

The problem is the spammers just switched their strategy and started getting thousands of links that all had the same anchor text and they were showing up at the top of Google again.

I admittedly was doing the same thing because it worked.


The Exact Match Anchor – An Endangered Species

With the abuse of exact match anchor text came some really big updates from Google that shook the internet world.

Pretty much every website that had participated in this practice was penalized and their rankings dramatically dropped.

The SEO world had to figure out a new way to rise to the top of Google.

From Google’s perspective, what they have always been trying to do is to stop people from being able to game the system.

They want to show results that deserve to be on top and have made it there by getting links naturally.

So they continually tweak and change their algorithm to that end.

What does all of this have to do with on page SEO?

As I began the preliminary research for SEOJet, I spent hours upon hours looking at the link profiles of #1 ranked webs pages. I’m talking thousands of links. (You can read more about my in depth backlink research here)

What I found was really surprising.

First, as expected, websites that rank #1 on Google for any particular phrase have a very low percentage of links with exact match anchor.

In other words, if they were ranked #1 for “donkey socks”, only about 3% of the links had that phrase as the anchor text.

Think about that. 97% of the links didn’t have that exact phrase as the anchor and it ranked #1 on Google.

I knew Google had made changes to penalize people who had many links with just their key phrase as the anchor but I was still surprised to see it in action.

Second, many of the backlinks to these #1 ranked pages had as the anchor text either the brand name, some form of the url or something totally random. In other words, the key phrase was nowhere to be found in the links.

This of course begged the question, if these websites were ranked #1 on Google for these key phrases, but many of the links didn’t include the phrases, then how did Google know what to rank the site for?

One of the biggest factors is from the on page SEO. Building out your page to cover the topic you are trying to rank for with all of the on page pieces in place is as important now as link building.

Many SEO professionals love to say that content is all that matters, or link building is king, but great on page SEO is critical to show Google what you should be ranking for.

All three pieces work together in perfect harmony like it always should have been.

Another Case For On Page SEO

I was recently reading this post by Brian Dean that talked about actionable SEO you could do right now.

One of those tips was to find your most popular long form content pages, and to be sure to include links in the content to some of your pages that are stuck on page 2 or 3 of the search results.

I was a little skeptical of how much affect this would have on my rankings but I tried it anyway.

I had a bunch of category pages that were either stuck on page two or the bottom of page one of Google.

I went to one of my “power pages” that had some awesome authority links pointing to it and added internal links to those category pages in my site.

Sure enough, within 3 days my rankings for all of the category pages jumped to page 1. It was like magic.

And the coolest thing about that was most of my category pages had 0 external links pointing to them. They just pulled the SEO power from the other page.

It has been many years since I have seen on page SEO changes have such an impact on actual rankings.

But it makes perfect sense.

If so many of your links tell Google nothing about what is on your page, then they are forced to use those links to give your page a value and then look at the on page SEO to rank it.

And I don’t think they stop at just that one page on your site. I think they also check your other pages and see how in depth you cover the topic that you are trying to rank for.

This means it is important to have many pages that speak about your topic and all of those pages need to have good on page SEO.

So if you have been spending all of your time writing guest posts and neglecting your own website, give your rankings a boost by giving your on page SEO the time and attention it deserves and watch as your rankings move from stuck on page 2 to the top 10 of the search engines.

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Why UX is Pivotal to the Future of SEO

Search engines are advancing at the fastest rate we’ve seen in many years thanks to machine learning. These advances have allowed the search engines to focus on providing the most relevant results, not only in terms of content, but also in terms of user experience (UX).

At the end of the day, what is good for the consumer is good for organic search performance — especially if we consider how machine learning is becoming ever more central to search algorithms and incorporating areas such as search sequence, as well as content quality, structure and sentiment.

To keep pace, agencies and marketers must broaden their SEO approach by placing a much greater focus on UX across the full range of owned assets. The following explores the two areas central to making this a reality.


1. The SEO Skill Set Needs to Broaden Into UX

Part of Google’s philosophy has always been focused on delivering the best user experience. With recent technological advances, Google and other search engines are now better placed than ever to deliver this vision. This focus will only intensify over the coming months and years.

Yet for many teams and agencies, UX has not consistently been a part of the SEO toolkit. Whether or not an SEO practitioner can discuss UX or make meaningful UX recommendations very much depends on personal experience, background and professional development programs.

As an industry, we need to reimagine SEO and the skill sets required to succeed as we move rapidly into an era of search engine ranking technology that is becoming more opaque, dominated by machine learning, and better than ever at interpreting consumer behavior.

If SEO can’t influence (or be a central part of) brands’ UX approach, then one of the central, future-facing SEO performance levers will be outside of our control. If it isn’t already, UX should be a high priority in your learning and development program.

2. UX Must Evolve Beyond a Linear Approach

In working with a wide range of client and agency UX teams over the last 10 years, a challenge I have routinely faced is this: often, UX teams only want to consider a linear journey that starts at the home page. The reality is that for many brands, less than 50 percent of consumers start their journey on the home page, and taking a linear approach to UX provides a suboptimal experience for the majority of consumers.

As the use of machine learning increases, user signals will factor more prominently into search engine rankings. UX issues could therefore prevent brands from reaching their potential in the organic search results — and, thinking more broadly, could stifle conversion performance.

A lack of consideration for the user experience at different entry points can cause consumers to leave the site and look elsewhere. Here are two great examples:

  •     Tabbed content, in which consumers land on the page relevant to their search, but the information they sought is hidden within a tab.
  •     Infinite scroll pages, in which multiple subtopics reside on a single URL, with no method to land the consumer on the section relevant to their search.

By definition, UX is about providing the best possible experience to the consumer, and it shouldn’t be confined to a specific journey commencing at the home page. Instead, it should be data-driven, taking account of the vast range of entry points into a website.

By adapting the UX process to consider multiple entry points, a site’s user experience will be far better suited to organic search success, thus paving the way for greatly increased integration between UX and SEO teams.

This Shift is Not Only Essential, it Benefits Everyone

With SEO teams incorporating UX skills into their arsenal and UX teams adopting a broader approach by considering multiple entry points, it allows us to re-imagine the ways of working to deliver better results. Productive collaboration can take place throughout projects, and by acting as one team, expertise can be pooled together to understand challenges and provide optimal solutions across website entry points. This will ultimately lead to a far better search-to-landing-page-to-conversion experience.

If we adapt and adopt the UX skill set, we will remain in control of the levers influencing organic search performance. This will be beneficial to brands and consumers alike, as we’ll be better placed to deliver the best experience throughout the purchase journey for each search a consumer makes.

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