Modern Emerging Web Technologies

Past few years many new front end technologies have leaked onto the market. The Web Design Bangalore landscape has shifted radically and it’s now much easier and much more technical to build websites.I want to share what I believe are the top 10 most prominent emerging tools for web developers. These tools aren’t mandatory for a web developers workflow. But they can improve the speed and code base of how you build your websites.

Web Components

You may have heard this term thrown around but haven’t really looked into the details. Web Components are a new style of elements for HTML5 that are working their way through the W3C standards committee.


Once you’re familiar with Web Components you might want a library like Polymer to help you get started. This project is spearheaded by Google and it’s an open source initiative to create standardized Web Components.


Google is always trying to improve user experience and make browsing the web a much simpler task. The Accelerated Mobile Pages project(or AMP for short) allows Google simplify any web page into a standard template on mobile devices that make certain page optimized for reading.


Automation is the key to reducing menial labor and building projects in record time. With a task runner like Gulp it’s so much easier to automate the annoying tasks so you can focus on what you do best: create awesome websites.


Google’s front end framework AngularJS has recently adopted Typescript as its preferred scripting language. This makes TS even more alluring because it can save you time writing basic scripts for the web and for detailed Angular projects.


If you’ve followed the hype of WebGL and 2D/3D web graphics then you should know about Three.js. It is the #1 most powerful JS-based rendering engine you can use for web graphics.


With a container platform like Docker you can maintain complete virtual environments and transfer your websites over to different servers with ease. There’s a lot to learn about this program and you should check out this post if you’re looking for more info.

Ionic Framework

This is actually the only item in my list that’s not strictly made for the web. But it does target web developers who want to create native apps with  Website Design Bangalore.

Ionic is a free open source framework for developing native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Every app is written in web-friendly code so you can build your apps in JavaScript, but the final result looks like a real Swift/Java mobile application.

Zurb’s Libraries

I’ve been a big fan of Zurb for years and their Foundation framework is an incredibly powerful tool. In the latest release they split up the web framework from the Foundation for Emails which now has automation and templating for email development.

Google Web Starter Kit

Google’s team is also full of handy resources for developers and one of their lesser-known tools is the Web Starter Kit. This isn’t a specific tool but rather a library of helpful resources for building responsive websites, modular Sass/CSS, local HTTP servers, a live browser reload feature and custom code linting.


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