Web Design Resources to Create a Powerful Business Website

Having a website is a great way of communicating and interacting with your audience. A website is also a great tool for sharing expert advice and useful information that will attract more people to your business. With increased activity on your site, you have the potential to reach millions of people all over the world. That’s how powerful a website can be. Thankfully there are hundreds of free web design resources you can use to attract visitors and increase your site’s traffic. So you have absolutely no excuse not to have a website.


1. Free Impressive Themes

The first thing that gets your visitors hooked to your website is its appearance. If you have a bland looking website, chances are the visitors will leave as fast as they can. They will not be interested in what you have to offer. So it makes sense that the first thing you work on when creating an attractive website is its appearance. If you compromise on appearance, your website is as good as useless.To make your website attractive, trying experimenting with different free WordPress themes until you find one that matches your brand and offers more appeal to your target audience. Even as you concentrate on a beautiful theme, don’t forget functionality.

2. Awesome Backgrounds

Visuals are a sure way of grabbing attention. As you continue to make your website beautiful and appealing, make use of attractive free vector backgrounds that are a guarantee to making your Website Design Company Bangalore attractive. Vector backgrounds are amazing and you can be sure that your visitors will be so amused and will want to linger on your site a little bit longer.

3. Attractive Fonts

Choosing the right font for a website is one of the most important factors. If you don’t choose your fonts wisely, you can easily ruin the overall appeal of your website’s design. The kind of font you use for your text will determine how attractive and appealing your website will be.There are many free attractive fonts that you can consider using.Handwritten fonts stand out in a beautiful and attractive way.

4. Creative Menus

Having vertical or horizontal menus is the common practice. However, if you want to stand out and impress your visitors, implement creative menus such as the semi-circular ones and give your website a wow effect. The advantage of semi-circular menus is that you can place them anywhere on your website without ruining your design. You can place your menu at the top, bottom, left or right side of your website. Either way, they will make your site even more interactive and attractive.

5. An Interesting 404 Error Page

With so many websites available, you don’t want to give your site visitors a reason to abandon your site for another the moment they land on your page. One of the reasons why most visitors move on to another site really quick is a 404 error page. The 404 error page is extremely annoying but sometimes very necessary. Make your 404 error page engaging and interactive by redirecting visitors to other site pages of your website such as the homepage or your blog.

6. Vector Icons for Maximum Visibility

Making your Website Development Company Bangalore more visible should be at the top of your marketing list. You’ll be able to sell more when your website is more visible to your prospective customers. So what are some of the easily available tools you can use to give your website more exposure? Free vector icons are a very good consideration. Vector icons are very effective in increasing your website’s click-through rate. Look for vector icons that are easy to understand such that when a visitor clicks on an icon they know exactly where the icon will take them. Vector icons are good because they save time and effort of designing your website. Vector icons are also great because they appeal to your UI design and will help you get more views to your website.

7. Consider Beautiful Icons

If you find vector icons too much you could consider using icons instead. There are a good number of free assorted icons that you can use for all your projects. Icons make your page look visually appealing making it easy to communicate the message you’re trying to convey. Icons may be a phenomenon, but they’re still important and are here to stay. Icons help in passing along more information not contained in your text, they guide site users on what the website is about, they save space and they break the monotony of any website. Icons are also great when you want to give your website a cool look and improve overall user experience. So you better grab yourself some awesome set of free icons from the available free web design resources.

8. Promote Your Brand with Social Sharing Tools

Social sharing is a major part of growing an online business. If you want to succeed in the digital space, you have to create an online buzz around your business. There’s no better way to create a buzz other than through social share. To encourage social share, make sure that it’s easy for site visitors to share your content on their social platforms. You can do this by using various social sharing plugins. There is a variety of social sharing plugins that will enable your site visitors to share your web content on their social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and so on without having to leave your page. Once visitors share your content, your website gains more visibility as other people are able to view it as well.

9. Don’t Forget Call to Action Buttons

Once visitors land on your web page, what next? What exactly do you want them to do now that you have their attention? Driving people to your website should not be the end goal. There must be an action that you want them to take for them to become valuable to your business. You could be working on building your email list, so ask people to sign up on your site using their email addresses. You probably want them to buy a product or you simply want them to read and share your latest blog post. Whatever your goal is, you have to encourage people to take the necessary action.

10. Get a UI Kit to Make Online Shopping Easy

Do you want people to purchase your products straight from your website? If yes, then you better have a really good shopping cart. Ensure that your e-commerce website is visually appealing and makes the visitor want to buy everything. To achieve this, consider adding a free UI kit with numerous features to make the buying process quick and user-friendly.


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