Important Elements of a Successful Website

There are literally thousands of websites out there – in fact, the figure had already crossed the 1 billion mark in September 2014 itself! Has it ever made you stop and wonder how do some websites get really noticed and do well, while others just seem to fade away? A website has numerous elements like design, content, color theme, images – so what is it that makes some websites stand out from among the seemingly endless number of websites?

It’s not just one thing; there are heaps of tiny details you need to take care of to ensure that your website is high quality, and achieves your business goals. What do we mean by a successful website? A successful website has the ability to convert visitors into customers without too much delay – the more conversions your website can perform, the more ‘successful’ we say it is. Today we are going to let you in on not one, not two, but these secrets that make a website successful :

Responsive Design :

You may roll your eyes and say, ‘Oh no, not again’. But the importance of responsive website design simply cannot be stressed enough. Globally, mobile traffic data grew by 75% in 2015, and in 2016, mobile internet users crossed 2 billion. Need we say more? You have to ensure that your website delivers the same browsing experience across devices and operating systems. Even if they are viewing your site on a 5 inch screen, they should be able to see everything they need without undue scrolling, zooming or minimizing. Make it easy for users to navigate with just their thumbs – which is what we do on the mobile.

Unique Fonts :

Developing a unique font, or using one that is very rare helps viewers identify it with your brand name; the type of font you chose can also convey what kind of company you are: fun, serious, health  related, educational, and so on. Typography can also help you to lead readers to different parts of the pages on your site using a single design trend across the website.

Call-to-Action (CTA) :

An effective, attractive and relevant CTA is very, very important. Make sure the CTA text tells your potential customers exactly what action they will be taking when they click on the button: ‘Download our free ebook’, ‘Sign up for our newsletter’, ‘Schedule your free consultation’, ‘Buy Now’, etc. are examples of CTAs that very clearly tell your visitors what they are expected to do by clicking on the button.

Large Hero Images :

Check this image ; large images like these eliminate the previously revered concept of below the fold and above. Focusing on the image with the text instead of social buttons or CTA, a strong visual experience is created, arousing the curiosity of viewers and inducing them to scroll down for more. Such images can help you tell your story without undue reliance on only text. Regardless of what device your visitors see it on, huge powerful images like these will surely capture their attention. Make use of white spaces between content so that it becomes easier to read, and more appealing visually. You also need to ensure that the hero image you use is relevant to your business, and that it helps you to connect with your audience. The colors you use should complement one another, and your website must look clean and simple.

Background Video :

It is a fact that visual content tends to attract more people than text can. The human brain processes video 60,000 times faster than text; most visitors may be put off if they have to read tons of text, but will happily consume your video content. With increasing data speeds and higher usage of mobile data, video experiences are improving globally. When videos play automatically in the background, you are able to educate your visitors about your business – tell them your story effectively, with minimal content. Videos will attract visitors from the moment they land on your page, telling them the main features of your business, without them reading any text.

Staples :

No website is worth a cent if it’s missing any of these: Simple navigation, quick loading, About Us and Contact Us. You must ensure that your site loads fast; patience is not a virtue of netizens. If your site takes too long to load, they will just find another that loads quickly. Surveys show than over 40% people abandoned websites that took more than 5 seconds to load! You can achieve quicker loading times by compressing images down, using browser caching for cahed version of static resources, minimize the number of plugins and HTTP requests required on loading. Make sure that your navigation is simple. People should be able to get to the page they want quickly and easily, with minimal clicks.

Relevant and Interesting Content :

Make sure you deliver the content that your audience wants and needs. Firstly, you need to be absolutely sure that your content is free of factual errors, and there are no grammatical or spelling errors, or punctuation mistakes. Make it interesting and valuable for them, and they will not be in a hurry to leave your website. Answer their queries, resolve their problems – and you will find them coming back to you. Also ensure that you use the right keywords and optimize your content for search engines so that your content reaches your target audience.

Space :

Space is crucial because it directs everything on your website, from flow to readability. Today, designers are getting ever more creative with space – there are huge spaces in the design, more space between lines, and on the whole, a great use of open space. Consistency in spacing is very important – elements that are alike should feature similar spacing. The space between lines in any given paragraph must be the same as say, the amount of wrap around images. Space is also useful for creating a central point for your users; for example, a piece of text or an image surrounded by white space will seem to be bigger and more important than when it is squeezed into a small location in the site design. Mind you, space does not have to be white always; it could be a texture even.

Hamburger Menus :

Ah, now what’s this you may ask? Hamburger menus are menus that look like a hamburger because they are stacked on top of each other, just like the patty, veggies and mayo is stacked in a burger. Why use those? Well, it saves you a lot of screen space, and gives your website design, a cleaner look. If you have used Google Chrome for browsing, you would have noticed the hamburger menu in the top right-hand corner. It shows a very clear and well-defined path for the user to navigate. By making the navigation simpler and free of distraction, you improve the chances for the user to find the info they need and take the action you want them to.

Huge Images of Your products :

Using gigantic images of your product makes it easy for you to highlight different features of your product, and the benefits each feature offers. A majority of the visitors to your Website Development Company Bangalore are more likely to just skim through pages initially; large pictures help imprint the product and its features in the minds of your audience very effectively in such cases.

Card Design :

Thanks to the growth of Pinterest, designers, marketers and internet users are going ga-ga over cards. With different individual cards, you can deliver information visually, allowing your audience to consume small pieces of content without feeling swamped. When different content is broken down into cards, it allows the users to choose which the articles that interest them, and expand only those; this keeps the homepage minimal and clean, and avoid using too much text. You can highlight several solutions or products side by side on the same page.


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Best E-Commerce SEO Services Company

Search engine optimization takes results from in-depth keyword analysis then maps those keywords to the new site structure ensuring optimal keyword allocation and professionally crafted content that is highly ‘visible’ to search engines.

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SEO Factors:

On Page Optimization :

In search engine optimization, on-page optimization refers to factors that have an effect on your Web site or Web page listing in natural search results. These factors are controlled by you or by coding on your page. Examples of on-page optimization include actual HTML code, meta tags, keyword placement and keyword density.

Off Page Optimization :

In search engine optimization, off-page optimization refers to factors that have an effect on your Web site or Web page listing in natural search results. These factors are off-site in that they are not controlled by you or the coding on your page. Examples of off-page optimization include things such as link popularity and page rank.

We are an experienced SEO company and by using our expertise, professional SEO knowledge as well as listening to what you want to achieve we can help with increasing the profile of your website by helping it to be more visible. Progress will be monitored and plans revised where necessary.

After using Bangalore Web Guru’s SEO services, you will discover that customers will start to search your brand name more because they’ have already done their research and are familiar with your business. More visitors will also show up as direct traffic.


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Modern Emerging Web Technologies

Past few years many new front end technologies have leaked onto the market. The Web Design Bangalore landscape has shifted radically and it’s now much easier and much more technical to build websites.I want to share what I believe are the top 10 most prominent emerging tools for web developers. These tools aren’t mandatory for a web developers workflow. But they can improve the speed and code base of how you build your websites.

Web Components

You may have heard this term thrown around but haven’t really looked into the details. Web Components are a new style of elements for HTML5 that are working their way through the W3C standards committee.


Once you’re familiar with Web Components you might want a library like Polymer to help you get started. This project is spearheaded by Google and it’s an open source initiative to create standardized Web Components.


Google is always trying to improve user experience and make browsing the web a much simpler task. The Accelerated Mobile Pages project(or AMP for short) allows Google simplify any web page into a standard template on mobile devices that make certain page optimized for reading.


Automation is the key to reducing menial labor and building projects in record time. With a task runner like Gulp it’s so much easier to automate the annoying tasks so you can focus on what you do best: create awesome websites.


Google’s front end framework AngularJS has recently adopted Typescript as its preferred scripting language. This makes TS even more alluring because it can save you time writing basic scripts for the web and for detailed Angular projects.


If you’ve followed the hype of WebGL and 2D/3D web graphics then you should know about Three.js. It is the #1 most powerful JS-based rendering engine you can use for web graphics.


With a container platform like Docker you can maintain complete virtual environments and transfer your websites over to different servers with ease. There’s a lot to learn about this program and you should check out this post if you’re looking for more info.

Ionic Framework

This is actually the only item in my list that’s not strictly made for the web. But it does target web developers who want to create native apps with  Website Design Bangalore.

Ionic is a free open source framework for developing native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Every app is written in web-friendly code so you can build your apps in JavaScript, but the final result looks like a real Swift/Java mobile application.

Zurb’s Libraries

I’ve been a big fan of Zurb for years and their Foundation framework is an incredibly powerful tool. In the latest release they split up the web framework from the Foundation for Emails which now has automation and templating for email development.

Google Web Starter Kit

Google’s team is also full of handy resources for developers and one of their lesser-known tools is the Web Starter Kit. This isn’t a specific tool but rather a library of helpful resources for building responsive websites, modular Sass/CSS, local HTTP servers, a live browser reload feature and custom code linting.


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Best Tips for Responsive Web Design

The touch screen facility and the other developments in the gadgets have made the website developers to design websites according to the gadgets in which the web page can be viewed. When the web page can fit on your gadget, then the visitors of a web page can easily access all the contents and they would visit the web page again and again. This type of responsive and adaptive web designs  have become popular in the last few years and one can design the website according to the device in which the visitor would view them in.


Using a template is the first advice that any expert in a responsive web design would say to the budding Website Development Company Bangalore. The templates can help the designers to learn the tricks and the trade that can be used while designing a web page. The templates can save the time involved in designing a web page and it can bring many creative ideas that can be used on the web page. The web design templates can be found on many web pages and it can be used to learn the methods in which a responsive design works on a website.


The next tips for creating a responsive web designing deals with the layouts that are widely fluid in nature. The overall website design must adjust to different screen resolution in a notebook, mobile device or for an iPad. The overall layout of the website must quickly adapt and fit for the devices in which the website is browsed by the user. Define the widths of the website in terms of percentage rather than calculating in terms of pixels, so that you can come up with a cool responsive web design for a website.


Jqeuery is the best tool to create a responsive web design of a Website Design Company Bangalore. This tool helps in providing a chance for the web designers to play with the plug-ins that can help in enhancing the adaptability and the responsiveness of the overall website design. Supersized, FitText, Elastislide and FitVids are some of the popular plug-ins of Jquery that can be used to create a responsive web design.

Background Images:

The background images must be scalable and it should be taken care of while you are about to make a responsive web design. Make use of the Jquery plug-ins that can easily scale the background images that can fit well with the desired resolution of the devices in which the website will be viewed by the users.

Flexible Imagery Techniques:

Images are the most important thing that can easily make a user to notice on a website. Make use of flexible imagery techniques that can help you to save many different sizes of a single image that can be used in many places while designing a website. If the website is viewed using a mobile device, the image size that fits the best for the device will be displayed for the user and they can view the entire website without facing any kind of problem.

Loading Speed:

This is not a new thing. Designers are recommended to examine the load speed every time they design a site.We are told to avoid using images that are too large and might prevent the site from loading quick. This will annoy the visitors who have neither the patience nor the time to wait till the page loads.So, when it comes to responsive design we repeat the same rule all over again.But, with responsive designs it is not possible to say that we can expect enhanced loading speeds.

Limit the Content for Mobile Devices:

Most important point to be noted. Your visitors are more active over SmartphonesSo, when you are crafting content for mobile devices, keep these users in mind.They do not have time to read all that bragging you are doing and when we transit from desktop to mobiles, follow the golden rule of minimization. The idea is to display only the necessary information to your users and nothing more.

Eliminate the Rest:

When we design a website, we put in a lot of components because we think that all these are necessary and important when they are not.There are a number of things that you can eliminate and help to increase the load speed of your site.And, also, you can prevent deviating the user’s attention. When they find a lot of things populated on the page they get confused as to which is the most important.

Reading Should be Crystal Clear:

Typography is one of the factors that you need to consider when designing your responsive site.Also, it should be readable. The font size matters. If they have to squint their eyes a lot to read what you have written, they will leave your site.You do not want them to leave.So, let’s keep the text clear and beautiful.

Padding v/s margins:

Responsive designs and mobile devices are two critical. It is better to replace margins with padding.The reason is that padding helps to increase the tappable area whereas margins do not help.What margins do is increasing the white space area around the buttons.Another simple tip is to use buttons that are bigger in size.Let us embrace the change that the world wants. Make your site responsive because people love things that respond.

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Search engine optimization for Ecommerce: Get Rank, Get Found, Get Customers

Hipster Writing SEO Concepts on his Note

You have an incredible item, an extraordinary site and a super awesome online business stage, and in spite of the fact that Google presumably wouldn’t purchase your items, it is the one thing remaining between you offering a modest bunch of gadgets as opposed to setting new deals records.

In the event that your prospects can’t discover you at the Google seek box, then it is definitely justified even despite your opportunity to improve your substance, catchphrases and whole web nearness for natural inquiry. What’s more, you need to in view of the 12 billion Google looks that were performed a month ago; 85% of those searchers are destined to tap on the natural side (left-hand side) of the query items.

Luckily, the new Shopify site design improvement (SEO) highlights give a strong establishment to your web index findability endeavors. Look at them on the off chance that you haven’t found them yet.

Getting to the highest point of Google’s query items requires continuous responsibility to upgrading your whole web nearness.

Here are five SEO tips and strategies that will help you enhance your web search tool rankings, increment eyeballs to your online store and enhance deals:

1. Discover How You Rank

Before putting at whatever time in SEO it’s best to see how you right now rank for the watchwords that you need to be found for. Precise SEO rankings are trying to get in light of the fact that Google customizes indexed lists for everybody.

On the off chance that you go to the Google look box and hunt all alone item, it might seem like you are #1 in light of the fact that you’ve likely sought on the catchphrase before and Google is customizing the scan for you. Be that as it may, a prospect looking for your item interestingly may see your site or item page positioned #7.

Search engine optimization positioning outcomes are likewise extraordinary by nation. So in case you’re situated in France however attempting to be found on, it can be dubious to discover your real SEO positioning. Here are two approaches to get more precise list items:

To get unpersonalized list items from Google, basically open a different window “in disguise” and the outcomes won’t mirror your earlier hunt propensities.

To get to in case you’re in an alternate nation, you’ll need to take after the progression that is recorded above, then after you write in your pursuit word/term, sort &gl=us toward the end of the URL.

Some store proprietors that are not kidding about their SEO rank want to utilize a SEO positioning apparatus. By utilizing a specific instrument, you’ll get every day reports with your store’s natural rank crosswise over internet searchers, you’ll additionally get a drifting report of your web nearness after some time.

2. Close The Keyword Gap

The watchword hole is an idea I use to portray the way that your prospects are undoubtedly utilizing an alternate catchphrase to discover your items and administrations contrasted with the watchword you would utilize. For instance, on the off chance that you are offering “thingamabobs” your prospects may really allude to them as “contraptions” in the Google seek box.

Shutting your catchphrase hole is about seeing how your prospects and clients are looking and modifying your watchword technique to coordinate their goals.

The best way to close your catchphrase hole is through watchword inquire about. Concentrate your site examination and also conversing with your clients are two extraordinary approaches to begin.

3. Distribute Continuous Content

A solid SEO system begins with a ceaseless responsibility to content. Substance is at the heart of SEO. Without substance, you’ll never be found in Google. Remember that Google cherishes crisp, applicable substance.

Begin with assessing your site and choosing on the off chance that you think the substance all through your site could be moved forward. How would you take what you realized in #2 above and work those catchphrases into your substance?

A normal blogging system will likewise support and keep up high SEO rankings when the substance is advanced for the watchword phrases you are endeavoring to rank for. Conceptualize blog subjects ahead of time. Consider stories about your items, the customers that affection them, how they utilize them, and so on. Post your blog content on your blog webpage furthermore Tweet it, Facebook it, YouTube It and Google+ it.

4. Distribute Videos on YouTube

YouTube is the second busiest internet searcher simply after its parent, Google. When you close your watchword crevice and have incredible substance, investing the additional push to distribute video content on YouTube and enhancing it for hunt will truly pay off.

Not just will you be found when a prospect looks straightforwardly from the YouTube seek box, yet YouTube results can likewise be implanted in the Google query items page. This improves the probability of you possessing different rank positions in Google for your item. Who doesn’t need that?

Guarantee you have adequate connections back to your site from the video page and reference the catchphrase in your voice over. What’s more, recall, your recordings don’t need to be favor or costly.

5. Web-based social networking Affects Your SEO

As indicated by both Google and Bing, social flags now represent 8% to 10% of their natural pursuit calculations. Your web-based social networking nearness now matters to SEO! This implies Google is assessing the volume of social flags that are being delivered by your web nearness.

A social flag can be a Twitter tweet or retweet, a Facebook Like or Share, or a Google +1. Here are a couple tips to build your social signs:

Guarantee you have the social sharing symbols on each page of your site. Not only the landing page, but rather every shopping basket page. It is about giving your customers unlimited chances to tap the Like or Share or Tweet catch.

Consolidate Facebook into your site wherever conceivable. For instance, add a Facebook Fan Box to your website pages and additionally the Facebook Comments App to your blog.

In the event that conceivable, add your clients to your Google + Circles and tail them on Twitter. They may respond and retweet your item tweets or share your substance in their circles.

Website optimization Your Business Facebook Page. There are considerably more tips and traps accessible in this SEO Your Business Facebook Page How-To Guide.


So much “Website optimization stuff” may sound overwhelming, yet it doesn’t need to be. Approach it slowly and carefully, spend a hour for every day making sense of it and it will pay off. Website design enhancement comes about don’t occur incidentally, however they do happen. It is a ceaseless procedure however one worth putting resources into.

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