Static Vs Dynamic Websites – What’s the difference?

Static Websites :

A Static web page is a site that is composed totally utilizing HTML. Every website page is a different report and there are no databases or outside documents that are drawn upon.This implies the best way to alter this kind of site is to go into every page and alter the HTML. So you would need to do it without anyone’s help utilizing a website page editorial manager, for example, Front Page or Dream weaver, or pay your web designer to make redesigns for you.

Advantages of Static Websites :

  •     Quick to develop,
  •     Cheap to develop, and
  •     Cheap to host,

Disadvantages of Static Websites :

  •     Requires web development expertise to update site,
  •     Site not as useful for the user,
  •     Content can get stagnant.

Dynamic Websites :

A dynamic site is composed utilizing more mind boggling code —, for example, PHP or ASP — and has a more noteworthy level of usefulness. Case in point, numerous dynamic sites can be controlled by a substance administration framework. This implies you will possibly have the capacity to make redesigns without requiring any learning of HTML or any site programming.

Every page of a dynamic site is produced from data put away in a database or outside record. Furthermore, the substance administration framework that you might use to keep up your site straightforwardly changes this put away data.

Advantages of Dynamic Websites :

  •    Much more functional website,
  •    Much easier to update,
  •   New content brings people back to the site and helps in the search    engines,
  •    Can work as a system to allow staff or users to collaborate.

Disadvantages of Dynamic Websites :

  •     Slower / more expensive to develop,
  •     Hosting costs a little more.

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