Landing Page Optimization Best Practices

Landing Page Optimization Best Practices

To get business with a every visitors by better landing page of a website. Optimization of web pages improve the business and visitors.

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Avoid Common Mistakes


Create one landing page per source.

Keep landing pages campaign-specific.

Reach every visitor with mobile optimization.

Use dynamic content substitution.

Localize landing pages.

Grade your visitors experience to determine to increase ROI.

Keep landing pages offer-specific.


Gather tools like web analytics and brand standards.

Test virtually every page elements.

Focus on metrics that matter.

Test page that are radically different.

Keep testing on landing pages.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Declaring a test winner too soon.

Relaying on skewed results and bad data.

Thinking landing pages can’t add to SEO.

Landing pages that are not flexible and disposable.

The best way to create landing page is with a plan by Create, Publish, Test and Analyze. c

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