Web Development Service in Bangalore

Web development is about more than just the CMS, it’s a collaborative effort between many departments within Bangalore webguru.

Once the design concepts (look and feel) for your website are complete, the development team is responsible for a number of ‘behind the scenes’ tasks, including: creating and managing domains, factoring in SEO, integrating existing systems, creating a customized content management system, programming and even security.

What we can do

  •     Web application & online software
  •     World class websites
  •     Content Management Systems (CMS)
  •     Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM)
  •     Product management software
  •     eCommerce and payment gateways
  •     Intranets
  •     Online surveys
  •     Document Management Systems

Content Management System (CMS)

Browsers compatibility The CMS is a user-friendly platform that allows you to quickly and easily manage your website content. This includes text, images and PDF downloads. It allows you access anywhere, anytime for multiple users. Support for all browsers i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox on both PC and Mac is included.

The CMS can be modified down the track to include extra functionality for your website design, for example an e Newsletter package.

Custom CRM systems

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps you manage your daily interactions with current and prospective clients. It’s the technology which allows different departments (sales, customer service, management, accounts) within your company to store information about a particular client all in one convenient and easily accessible location.

At Bangalore Webguru we can create a custom-designed CRM system which will enable you to streamline and automate your business processes to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. The CRM can be accessed through your CMS and reporting functionality comes standard.

Design Unique to Your Business and Customers

Unique website design It’s time to be recognized by your customers and become the envy of your competitors with a cutting-edge website design. No two web designs will ever be the same as there are no templates found here. Our approach to creating an engaging website experience is simple to follow and effective.

Engaging Customer Experiences

User engagement Creating an engaging user experience is achieved through the combined efforts of detailed planning and smart design. The result is an experience that attracts and holds your visitor’s attention long enough for them to follow your calls-to-action and take the next step. There are many factors which impact on user engagement including the layout, ease of navigation, presentation of content, social validation and accessibility.

We highly recommend responsive designs to ensure you offer an engaging experience for webpage visitors and to eliminate bounce rates related to mobile devices.


Web Design and Development Services in Bangalore

ur main goal at Bangalore Webguru is to provide the best solutions for your website development and website maintenance needs. We know how important your business is and we want to ensure we meet your every requirement and expectation when fixing or constructing your web page. With so many companies out there, choosing one to handle your web design can be a very overwhelming and daunting task. We want to make you feel confident in our ability to provide you the best website design possible.

http://www.bangalorewebguru.co.in/When choosing a web design company, you want to consider your needs and long-term goals. The down side with using freelancers is their instability. After your site is completed, many freelancers are hard to get in contact with for further assistance. On the other hand, Bangalore Webguru  is dedicated to getting the job done and making sure it’s done right!

Our Website Design & Development Process

Once Bangalore Webguru has received your deposit, the development of your website will be assigned to a project manager. You will be in constant contact with this person during the entire process to ensure our work is meeting your specifications.

 http://www.bangalorewebguru.co.in/Our web design experts will provide creative suggestions your website and you can decide exactly how you want it to look. Once you have given a final approval on the design of your new site, the project manager will then pass it along to our wonderful Bangalore Webguru of developers. They will take the mockup/design and create a live and functioning site. You will then get the opportunity to review the website and inform us of any changes you would like us to make. Once we have made the necessary revisions, we will start taking care of all the minor details and content implementation.

Once all the revisions are complete and we receive the final payment, your site will go live within 24 to 48 hours. You will receive all of the information needed to access the administrative area of your website and a zip folder containing all of the files created. We will then have no rights to the website and you will officially own it, along with all of its content.

We are capable of handling projects of any size, from small local businesses to large enterprises. So if you’re interested in creating a new website or need maintenance on an existing website, please contact our expert Bangalore Webguru developers located in Bangalore. Call us at 8296446686 to receive a quote for your web design needs!

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

At Bangalore Webguru, our SEO experts located in Bangalore will utilize proven techniques to increase your search engine rankings and boost your sales. To accomplish this, we conduct an in-depth SEO analysis of your website so we can see what areas of the webpage need improvement. We will then do keyword research to see which keywords will work the best for your business and lead to more web traffic. From this research, our writers can create SEO-friendly content for your site that increases your relevancy with search engines and engages your potential customers.  If you want your Search Engine Optimization done the right way, contact our Bangalore Webguru experts at 8296446686 and we’ll come up with strategy for your business to outrank your competitors!

Web Design Services in Bangalore

It is always mandatory for you to get along with the best team, whenever you are looking for Web Design Company Bangalore. And with Bangalore Webguru by your side, you can always get the right solutions, over here. We are going to design some creative websites for you, and within your preset budget plans. We offer some low cost projects to our clients, which help them to earn better revenue. So, you are always welcome to get the best deals from our side, over here. Depending on your requirements, we would like to present you with quality help, from us.

http://www.bangalorewebguru.co.in/Web designing services for you now

There are some reasons, which make us completely different from the rest, when it comes to Website Design Company Bangalore. The best part about our firm is that, we are not going to charge you with any hidden cost for the current renewal. Not only that, but our services are considered to be 100% safe and reliable. That makes us different from the rest.

Moreover, once you have joined hand with our team, we would like to present you with instant domain registration services, of all time. These are some of the important notions, which give us a new ranking in this competitive world.


Whenever you are planning to get hold of our web design agency, you can always be sure to get the best one, over here. We are likely to provide you with the finest domain registration service, along with the best hosting provider, working around here. We are likely to offer help with the qualified and best design company, offering vast services of web development packages. There are loads for you.

Web design company Bangalore  – get down to services

There are so many interesting services, which make us different from the rest. Other than offering CMS with our web design, we would also like to help you in establishing a proper e-commerce shopping system. Starting from domain registration to the app development and designing, you can always call us for the best help. We are not even going to charge you much with the finest Web Designing  Company Bangalore. From SEO friendly website to the Google Analytic, get it all from our side.

We have segmented our web designing services under different panels. We would like to present you with premium quality design. We have a special segment of experienced designers, who are ready to come across and design some of the precise quality websites, after using CSS3 and HTML5. Furthermore, get the best help with Google Analytic services, too. We are ready to use this code in websites, for the clients to view the finest status of website. Make sure to have a direct call from our experts and discuss all your needs under one platform. That will be of great help, now.


Best Affordable Website Design Services in Bangalore

Bangalore Webguru Limited specializes in Custom Web Design and Development, Content Management Systems, E-Commerce Websites, Social Networking Sites, Discussion Forums, Blogs, Directory Sites and any other Web Based applications. Sometimes you may term a visually attractive website as a good website but that is not quite true. A powerful and effective website needs to have much more than just pleasing graphics.

A website must have –

1. A great and easy navigational structure with a unique customized layout.

2. It must be quick to download and easy to use.

3. Strong Content management system which results in strong and full -proof functionality.

4. Must have proper graphics and links.

5. It should convey and deliver what it’s visitor is looking for.

6. Must be SEO friendly and W3C validated.

7. Must be Cross – browser compatible.

8. Must have a strong presence and must achieve an impressive return to your investment.

Bangalore Webguru limited keeps all these significant features in mind right from inception until completion and is dedicated to provide a completely bespoke/ customized solution by keeping the website’s target audience in mind. We assign a project manager to our clients, so that we can work closely with our clients and can provide them highest level of hassle free services.

We create outstanding and SEO friendly websites at affordable prices.

www.bangalorewebguru.co.inCustom Web Applications:

Bangalore Webguru Limited develops custom web applications and software across a wide range of technology platforms. Our main aim is to ensure that our client’s business strategies are successfully implemented and the technological performance is enhanced.

We work in close collaboration with our customers to try and understand their business model and their exact requirements. We automate your unique business processes to allow you to spend your time doing what you do best.

We develop custom software/web applications like support and integration of inventory management, and other types of web applications for FMCGs, Marketing, Manufacturing, Finance, Fashion etc. in variety of programming languages.

Our main specialization lies in developing web-based applications for businesses. Web-based means, software that runs on the web. Applications are developed in PHP, ASP, ASP.net, Java, C, C++ and other technologically advanced languages.

Top #1 Website Design and Development Company in Bangalore

The Internet and technology are constantly changing. Whether you are starting from scratch, want a design modification or you are looking for a complete redesign, we can help. We are up-to-date; we keep up with shifting trends while keeping a firm foundation in traditional, proven practices.

Let us help you make a great first impression to your visitors. For your business, that starts with your website. We get to know your business so we can design a site that represents you well and attracts the right customers. We design your site so that it is easy to manage and adapt as your business grows.

http://www.bangalorewebguru.co.in/Designing and developing a good website that accommodates a lot of content seems complicated to achieve at times. Does one attempt to present the user with all the information in a clean, organized manner, or reveal it bit-by-bit, in an effort to create an engaging breadcrumb trail that tugs the user along the road to enlightenment?

Get it wrong, and you risk overwhelming your visitors, who’ll then leave without retaining any part of what they just read. Get it right, though, and you’ll have gained a new audience member who not only understands your message, but also might just bring a few friends with them when they return, which is what we will help you achieve.

Whilst every one’s visual tastes are different, there are several universal principles that successful websites embody. We’ve distilled these down for you into a simple list of critical success factors. As the web matures, visitors come to your site with higher expectations. Failing to satisfy those expectations can dramatically reduce the effectiveness of your website and conversions.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design, or more commonly known as Mobile-Friendly Web Design is a technique used to build websites scalable for optimal viewing, easy reading and navigation without having to constantly zoom in and out and resize when viewing websites on mobile phones and other devices.

http://www.bangalorewebguru.co.in/Why do I need my website to be mobile friendly?

Two-thirds (66 percent) of people in the Bangalore now own a smartphone, with Brits’ using their mobiles for nearly two hours per day. This means that web users in the Bangalore are now more likely to use their phones and tablets to use the net rather than their computers and laptops. If your site doesn’t display and function like it should then they will go elsewhere. No one wants to waste time trying to read text and info.

Web Design Companies Bangalore | Web Designing Company Bangalore | Web Designing Companies Bangalore.

Top #1 Corporate Website Design and Development Company

The proliferation of cheap, off-the-shelf web design products has led to the internet being flooded with badly designed websites. The web design simply does not match either the product or the services being offered and worse, a single glance is all it takes to identify a cheap off-the-shelf, cookie cutter web design. The problem is, not only do these ready made web designs look cheap, your web master ends up having to code and insert features according to the design rather than according to the need of the business model.


Think of this as having to alter the shape of your body to suit the pair of ready made trousers you’ve purchased. Now if you wouldn’t want to alter your body to match the shape of the trousers, why would you want to alter your website features to suit the gaudy off-the-shelf web design? Neither is altering the ready made web design the solution because such alteration would cost about the same as creating your own custom web design.

Good web design is like art: it is pleasing to the eye and flows with the website features. Everything from menu items to content is intuitively placed so the customer finds the buttons and icons at the exact place he or she expects to find them. As designers we first study your requirement, study the features that would have to be implemented and then concentrate on creating an engaging and usable website design that would stand out from the crowd.

We at Bangalore Webguru have seen many dozens of websites selling great products but doing badly because of poor website design and poorer implementation. While we understand the need to keep costs low especially for a new startup, there simply is no substitute for a good, well implemented web design.


In fact, in the long run a bad web design costs much more than a professionally created custom web design. So if you’re planning to start a new website or have an existing website redesigned, talk to Bangalore Webguru. Our team of tremendously skillful and experienced web designers will create an outstanding design that will be the envy of all your competitors.

Development of the web design

Just as an architect’s design for your house needs to be converted into the actual thing i.e. the house, so also, once a web design has been created and approved by our client, it has to be converted into the actual website. The process of converting the design into an actual website is generically termed as “development”.

Website Development includes all elements and features that are required by the website to be fully functional. This includes developing the menu, search functions, shopping cart, checkout pages, customer support pages, password protected customer areas (if required) and password protected administrative panel or control panel that “houses” the content management system, order book, stock registers etc. (if required). The exact modules will of course depend on the nature of the website. For example, the requirements of a social networking site or a blogging or personal website will obviously be very different from that of an eCommerce website.

At Bangalore Webguru, we follow a distinct methodology:

  •     Study our client’s requirement / business model and competitors’ websites.
  •     Create a list of website requirements / features based on the business model studied.
  •     Create a custom web design (and logo if necessary) based on the business model and features required ensuring our client is always kept in the loop during the design process.
  •     Provide web hosting.
  •     Develop and deploy the approved design.
  •     Enter content for the website.
  •     Stress test the website.
  •     Optimize the website to be search engine friendly.
  •     Engage a team of non-professional users to use the site and provide feedback on its usability and overall design.
  •     Submit to search engines.
  •     Market the website.
  •     Analyze website performance.

Stages 1 through 3 are standard steps to be followed for any web design project, steps 4 through 5 to be followed for development of the web design. Remaining steps are optional but if followed, guarantee your online venture is a success.

Best Ecommerce web Design in Bangalore,India

Online business is a method for working together for all intents and purposes through the web and secure systems. Be that as it may, beside doing advantageous paperless exchanges, web based business is additionally a compelling methods for broadcasting what your image is about and how it can help individuals through the distinctive items or administrations you offer.

http://www.bangalorewebguru.co.in/Web based business is a compelling approach to amplify the energy of the web and advanced stages further bolstering your good fortune. It can build your main concern, however captivating in web based business may likewise mean running over hindrances previously you accomplish higher incomes. That is the place our web based business site arrangements become possibly the most important factor.

 How Bangalore Webguru can Help you Become Successful through E-Commerce

 Today, emerging in the web is tied in with giving client experience, and you should be compelling on that on the off chance that you need to expand your compass and ROIs. This is the place Bangalore Webguru can help you.

Regardless of whether you possess a startup, a Fortune 500 organization or a business that is some place in the middle of, we can make a web based business site for your image that will advance beyond the opposition. Our concentration is making sites that are outwardly dazzling, as well as shrewd, practical, and simple to explore.

http://www.bangalorewebguru.co.in/ Our devoted speciaized help will work quick to settle any issues that may happen with your online business site. We realize that “time is cash”, and you can depend on us to work rapidly and effectively to keep your internet shopping basket working at top execution.

Bangalore webguru internet business site arrangements additionally incorporate hands-on and web based preparing for your new framework. We will control you on item administration and also the regulatory devices inside your internet business site. You will likewise be continually on top of it about any overhauls we may make to the framework. You can likewise hope to get consistent reports, which will enable you to track and screen income increments and further grow your business.


Magento comes furnished with a strong, yet fundamental website composition bundle. There are an assortment of layouts that can be utilized, and it is conceivable to alter the site’s coding on the CMS stage. In any case, with regards to taking the site to genuinely top of the line levels, there is a considerable measure of specialized work that should be sought after. This is particularly valid for making an intense Magento site that uses a responsive outline.

  • Create Your Store
  • Configure Your Products
  • Rank High In Search
  • Hosting & Security
  • APPS & Integration’s
  • Design your Storefon
  • Marketing
  • Analytic s
  • Expert Support
  • Highlight Reel
  • Manage Your Store
  • Conversion Tools

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